Voice & Data Cabling
Cable Networking, Inc. is a voice and data wiring installation company. Whether your needs are one drop or hundreds of drops - no installation is too small or too large. We provide everything you need for you structured cabling installation. We install conduit, cable tray, cable management racks, wire management, patch panels, punch blocks, jacks, faceplates and patch cords. We offer after-hour or weekend installations if needed.

We stock the following network wiring products:

Category 3 Wire, Category 5e Wire, Category 6 Wire, Fiber Optic Cable, T-1 Wiring, RG6 Quad Shield Coax, Patch Panels, Wire Managers, Patch Cords, RJ11 Jacks, RJ45 Jacks, Category 5e Jacks, Category 6 Jacks, Faceplates, Surface Boxes, Latching Duct, Innerduct, Wiring Racks, Rack Shelves, 110-Blocks, 66-Blocks, Bix Blocks, Krone and more.

History & Contact Information
Cable Networking, Inc. was established in June of 1990. For over 19 years we have been providing voice and data wiring installations in the Washington metropolitan area as well as various sites in the northeast and southeast regions. What began with installations of RS232, coaxial, twinaxial and dual wang cabling has evolved into high speed twisted-pair and fiber optic cabling.

Our office is located at:

Cable Networking, Inc.
7610-M Rickenbacker Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Our telephone numbers are:

Office (301) 212-9699
Fax (301) 212-9689

E-mail contact information is:  johnpisano@cablenetworking.com